Project Description

   Home automation

Home automation technology is advancing at a breath taking rate and offers a series of benefits that are hard to ignore. We invested significantly in home automation to optimize your capability to save energy, increase your security and offer you an unprecedented level of comfort in your home.


   Smart design

Innovation is not limited to smart technologies only. Devcore believes in the harmonious co-existence of smart tech with the fundamental basics of smart design. From the integration of superior finished to the home, optimized floor plans and right through to soundproofing intelligence, our defining motivation is to always challenge ourselves to set the bar higher.


   Green energy

The unwavering commitment to building smart and innovative products stems from Devcore’s dedication to creating desirable and sustainable communities for it’s customers. Our projects not only include the latest in solar and wind technologies, but we bring electric charging stations and smart car sharing options directly to your door step.


   Connected community

With the advent and popularization of the Internet of Things (IoT), we already live in connected world, a new world. Devcore invests heavily in smart city technologies to connect you seamlessly to your community, your local stores and services. Most importantly, doing that directly from the comfort of your own home.



Accessibility and affordability of homes are key initiatives that are embedded in Devcore’s social fabric. We have established string relationships with respected associations such as CMHC to ensure a continuous and strong support of people requiring mobility or financial assistance for home access. Our commitment is to exceed and set new benchmarks within the residential home market.


   Aging in Place

Devcore’s approach to combining innovative technologies and smart designs within connected communities is a key enabler to aging in place. Most adults want to live in their homes and communities safely, independently and comfortably as long as possible. Our smart living concept embraces the very essence of this ideology by integrating the necessary elements within our homes and the communities they are built in.